Meet Samantha: the girl behind One Heel Ahead

Some might call me a country girl at heart with dreams of a big city life – and that’s quite true. Born and raised in a small town just outside of Toronto, I’ve always had a love of writing, blogging, and all things social media related.

After moving to Kingston, ON to attend Queen’s University, I discovered quickly that these passions were becoming more apparent than ever. Studying Politics and Sociology, my undergraduate degree was a jumping off point for a career in law, something I had planned for years.  However, in my third year of university I discovered that I no longer had that dream anymore, and now was back at square one. As my career path did a complete 360° turn – from law school to Public Relations – I realized that if you have faith in what’s meant to be, things would eventually fall into place.

My experience as a PR & Event Management Intern at my local Chamber of Commerce eventually led me to apply for a Masters in PR. This turned into making one of my biggest dreams come true: moving to New York City!

As of December 2014, I graduated from New York University with a Masters of Science in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, with a specialization in Corporate and Organizational Communication. I conducted thesis research on reputation management and branding initiatives using digital platforms in the airline industry, with a particular emphasis on proving ROI.

I am continuing to live in New York City in hopes of jump starting my career in the communications sector.


This website continues to be my creative outlet – to share ideas, thoughts and opinions – as well as to welcome interaction!

- S.

Samantha Dickson, Founder of One Heel Ahead                                                                                BAH Political Studies and Sociology
M.Sc. Public Relations & Corporate Communication, Corporate & Organizational Communication Specialization


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