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In Her Red High Heels


The following post is dedicated to my sister Shannon. She has inquired on numerous occasions as to the status of “her post” – as she calls it. I am finally putting it up! After all, One Heel Ahead wouldn’t have started without a girl’s love for a red high heel. This one’s for you, bestie!

In Her Red High Heels

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today,
when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”
– Miuccia Prada

She was fashionable in white, but nothing said “modish” more than what was hiding beneath the edge of her hemline.

Recently I had the honor to be in my sister’s wedding, where she decided to pair a sparkly red high heel pump with her wedding dress. This got me thinking, what is it about these classic pieces that keeps them from going out of style.

Besides the fact that she practically handed me the idea to write about her red high heels, I couldn’t help but admire the element of daringness that the shoes added to her almost- innocent ensemble. Maybe it’s because when you imagine wedding shoes, the traditional silver kitten heel, or perhaps a sparkly white Jimmy Choo comes to mind. So, why red?

Whether it was the hint of unpredictability, the desire to be undeniably different, or the mere fact that she went from glitz to glam faster than she could put them on, the red high heel spoke volumes.

When it comes to statement pieces every girl should have in her wardrobe, no list is complete without Coco Chanel’s iconic LBD, Marilyn’s audacious Red Lipstick, Elizabeth’s shiny Diamonds, the adventurous red high heel, and the list goes on! As we begin to develop an eye for fashion, and construct an image of how we want to display ourselves to the world, it is only fitting that we master the trade by following what we’ve always known to be fashionable. That is, what we know to be timeless.

One of the reasons why these iconic items are still so prevalent today is their ability to emit an unquestionable sense of taste, while still being classic. It’s not as if they’re safe territory, but they’re distinctly feminine – and every girl knows it. Furthermore, each piece is uniquely interchangeable. All four items can be perfectly paired up with other essentials to make an outfit look effortlessly chic, or be used as the focal point – cue diamond necklace in Pretty Woman. They all have the capability to be elegant, or simple.

If you’re pressed for time, nothing else becomes more of a lifesaver than having these pieces in your closet. Even when you’re rushing to avoid being late for this morning’s work meeting, you still can look as though you took time to plan out your attire the night before. What keeps these classic pieces from going out of style is the trust we’ve acquired in knowing that these pieces will always be current, and will always have something to say. Whether you’re into fashion or not, your choice of clothing has the ability to tell a story. In this case, own it. It doesn’t always matter what you wear, as long as you feel good about wearing it. Let it speak!

With the aisle as her runway, my sister couldn’t have chosen a more fitting shoe for her perfect day!

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