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Home Sweet Snow

image-70The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event.  You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?  ~J.B. Priestley

I’m back! After a hectic final week, and traveling back home for the holidays, I am finally able to get back to the blog! I felt slightly lost not being able to find time to blog last week. Since I’ve been back to Canada for a few days now, I’m trying to find the balance between my NYC
lifestyle, and the laid-back vibe of a small-town. I thought it would be interesting to make this post a bit more creative, and write about the personal differences I’ve noticed, as well as the
environmental changes around me.

  • It’s time to slow down. Anyone who has lived in NYC for a period of time knows that it’s an extremely fast pace lifestyle. When I was out around town this weekend, I had to remind myself to walk slower. There seems to be a natural tendency to adopt the quick pace of the people around you.
  • Snow, snow and more snow. As soon as my plane landed at Pearson airport I knew I was already underdressed for the weather. Welcome to Canada. Since being home, I’ve already experienced well over 5 inches of snow, with no signs of stopping.
  • Different ideas of busy. After agreeing to a shopping trip on Saturday morning with my mother, she informed me that we better go in the early morning to avoid all the lineups. All I could think about was Black Friday shopping at Macy’s at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I think I walked up to the cash register at every store.
  • Noise, or the lack thereof. I expected to be woken up Saturday morning by the sound of honking cars trying to get around the city, or barking dogs out for their morning walk. To my surprise, silence was all that could be heard.
  • The comforts of home. It’s no surprise that the one biggest difference is the mere fact that I was officially home. A delightful home cooked meal, getting to see my puppy, and waking up in my own room was just the bit of relaxation I needed!

I promise the next post will come sooner, rather than later! Enjoy these wintry days, readers! :)

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For the love of food: exploring NYC eateries


After last week’s post on PR in the hospitality industry, I wanted to do the perfect transitional post. I thought: what better way than telling you about my food adventures and discovering what “the south” has to offer this Canadian girl! I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I’m rounding this blog out. In other words, alongside my PR lifestyle, is my desire to actually live life. It’s essential that you always maintain a work – life balance. I treat my blog the same way – in and amongst these PR posts you’ll always find something lifestyle related.

As a child growing up, eating dinner at home was never a question. It’s sort of a family ritual. I know it played a huge role in shaping my love for staying home, cooking a classic meal, and enjoying the little moments life has to offer. Furthermore, we have a chef in the family. Yes, my brother made the spectacular decision to pursue the art of cooking. With the plate as his canvas, and food as his paint, my brother can turn even the simplest of ingredients into an elaborate entrée. The only thing more frustrating to a chef than dealing with a sister who is celiac, is dealing with a sister who is constantly reminding him about what he can’t add to his recipes.

With a family who loves to cook, it wasn’t surprising that I’d end up being a foodie of some sort. Even with a gluten-free lifestyle, I still manage to find joy in uncovering the latest restaurants, and knowing the go-to cafés. To top it all off, NYC has some of the best places to eat, drink & be merry. Below are a few of my finds! I didn’t have a choice but to add Chipotle! As a newbie to the chain, I’m already hooked.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Make your gourmet burrito or taco however big you want. Warning: you won’t be leaving here hungry! I opt for the rice bowl, and I’ve yet to leave the establishment without going home with two meals worth of leftovers.


Golosi Pizza & Gelato

You know that one person that always needs to end a meal on a sweet note? I’m that girl. I don’t care what I’ve had for dinner my favorite part will always be dessert. If you haven’t scored a scoop of Golosi’s gelato, I highly recommend it. I went for the mint chocolate chip, but I know I’ll be returning to try the Nutella flavor!


La Maison Du Macaron

I’ve yet to make it to Ladurée on Madison, but I know that visit will be close in my future. Craving a macaron since my arrival, I dipped into this petit café for my caffeine and French confectionery fix. I promise you, you will return. There’s no better way to get your mix of flavors than to bring a friend and divide them in half! We selected Banana Nutella, Vanilla Coconut, Double Chocolate, and Lavender Nougat. I’m a chocolate fanatic, so it took the win this round! If you’re looking to indulge in a Parisian chic afternoon, nestled in a quaint baroque-themed shop, this is your place!


Have any restaurant recommendations? Sound off below or tweet me @Sam__Dickson! 

- S.


From NYC Dreaming to NYC Living

sex and the city

“Beauty is fleeting, but a rent-controlled apartment overlooking
 the park is forever.” – Carrie Bradshaw

I grew up watching, admiring, and dreaming to live like Carrie Bradshaw. I would have never imagined that years later I would be a 20-something girl making the big move to New York City to embark on a similar journey.

Although searching for the two L’s (Labels & Love) remains at the top of my list, my move to NYC parallels a little more closely to Samantha’s in the PR sense, not to mention the same name. As the official move-in date inches closer, I can’t help but offer suggestions to anyone out there (small-town or not!) looking to make the move. I know I went in with expectations that got tossed out the window the minute I set foot in Manhattan!

  1. Wants vs. Needs – Although your wants and needs might be blurred between the two categories, it is extremely important that you recognize what you can and can’t live without – I learned this fast! That walk-in closet you’re hoping for is largely out of reach.
  2. Stairs are your new friends – Although your job might be in an air-conditioned high rise, realize that the apartment you really want might be on the sixth floor with no elevator in sight.
  3. Divide your ideal square footage in two, and then divide that by two – Anyone who has made the move to NYC knows that space is limited. More specifically, you will get more if you pay more. With close to 8.3 million people living in the city, it’s no wonder they have to fit everyone into small, intricate apartments where the stove might just be next to your bed.
  4. Market trends aren’t always your friends – Since I was only in NYC for the weekend, my broker not only had the task of finding me an apartment in a few days, but also having to collect documents, submit an application as well as coordinating a lease signing with the landlords. After nine apartment showings, and losing my first choice to another applicant in the span of 24 hours, you can already sense the fast-pace reality of NYC.
  5. Application Approvals – The. Waiting. Game. This had to be the worst part of the journey. I handled the showings and decision making with poise, but when it came time to wait for the application to be approved, I was one anxious girl.

So, I encountered two reality checks on my weekend rendezvous with the big apple. First, check your expectations at the door and make room for the NYC realistic expectations. Second, that after all is said and done, you will find a petite loft in your desired location and you’ll be asking someone if it’s all just a dream! Although the search is tough, the pieces will fall into place!

- S.