Cutting the Clutter: 8 ways to stay organized


“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.” ― Donna Karan

Do you ever look at your desk sometimes and think: “How did all of this get here?” Confession: I know I do! I love to stay organized, but sometimes you can’t help a bit of a pile up. Whether it is schoolwork, or job-related work, we can all admit that sometimes a busy month means a busier desk. Besides the obvious desk overload, you might also have a head full of checklists. So, how do we stay organized? Here are a few tips and tricks to clean up your workspace:

  • From brain to paper – organize your mental notes by writing them down on paper. The last thing you want to do is forget something because you forgot to make a note of it.
  • Keep a planner – make sure you have your dates organized and visible. I love monthly calendars for this reason; it’s a great way to have the whole month visible so you can plan ahead.
  • Use a File Cabinet – organize your loose sheets by clients, months, or other miscellaneous categories to keep things together.
  • Separate Work/School/Play – this may sound a bit too much, but it always helps to keep things categorized by importance. A weekend trip with the girls when you have a presentation on Monday might not be fitting. Try to figure out what takes precedence. In the end, this will make it easier to plan your social life.
  • Avoid Clutter – I use to be a self-proclaimed pack rat. I had the unfortunate habit of wanting to keep everything. I recall my justification being, “Well, what if I need it one day?” Not an excuse. Keep the must-haves, and anything else that you are unsure about put in a pending box. After one month, if you have not touched any item in the pending box, get rid of it. The less clutter, the more organized you will be.
  • Color Code – If you find that you struggle at keeping things in order, be that girl! Different strategies work for different people. If color-coding helps you differentiate things, use it to your advantage.
  • Keep a notebook – Always have a pen and paper handy. Yes, your smartphone can be a supplementary tool for the notebook. However, keep in mind that technology can fail. It’s always important to have a backup of your calendar, contacts and ideas. (Hint: If you are pro-tech 24/7, email yourself a copy!)
  • Pinboard – I love using a corkboard above my workspace. I find that I am a visual learner, and I like to see things in front of me. If you find you are forgetting important reminders, keep these front and center on your pinboard.

How do you stay organized? Tweet me @Sam__Dickson or sound off below!

- S.

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