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Audience Engagement: Bringing Italy to Eataly in NYC


Think back to a time when you distinctly remember a company, brand, or organization catching your attention on social media. Now think about how they caught your attention. Was this a regular occurrence, or a one-time-deal?

When my parents visited last weekend with my grandma, as a part of my tour guide duties, I decided to take them to one of the best marketplaces the city has to offer – Eataly! After the visit, I came to the conclusion that I had to cover this place in one of my blog posts!

When it comes down to knowing how to interact with their respective publics, often times a company, organization, or restaurant will zero in on a couple of media platforms that will help them reach their intended audiences. This interaction might go on for a few months, a few years, or might fall through even after a few days. Being the PR addict that I am, I love spotting well-executed strategies, and most of all, I love seeing social media channels used frequently and efficiently. Combine this love with having the knack for being a foodie, what more could I have asked for?


With over 50,000 square feet, Eataly NYC is an Italian marketplace that features a stunning array of high-end cuisine. Located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, Eataly is owned by Mario Batali in partnership with Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich. From wheels of Grana Padano DOP, to masses of Prosciutto di Parma, and rounding off with bottles of Lambrusco, this emporium is a true testament to the culinary traditions of Italy.

So, why all the intrigue? Besides the fact that Eataly brings Italy to you, while still leaving you with feelings of wanderlust, it also does a spectacular job at interacting with their audience before, during, and after the experience. Active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr – Eataly is the perfect example of a company taking full advantage of the social media channels at their disposal. Extending beyond their prominent use of social media, Eataly is a great example of a brand that shows ways to encourage click to convergence (from website to customer foot-to-floor hits).


Whether it’s promoting dishes, seasonal vegetables, or announcing a wine sampling event (who could resist!), Eataly NYC does a fantastic job sharing and interacting with their intended audience. If you are ever looking to escape to Tuscany in the comforts of your own home, or you’re simply looking to unwind with a Piedmont classic wine, take a trip to Eataly and you’ll be transported to a land of all that is Italy.

What other brand catches your eye on social media? Be sure to join in on the conversation @Sam__Dickson!

- S.

For the love of food: exploring NYC eateries


After last week’s post on PR in the hospitality industry, I wanted to do the perfect transitional post. I thought: what better way than telling you about my food adventures and discovering what “the south” has to offer this Canadian girl! I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I’m rounding this blog out. In other words, alongside my PR lifestyle, is my desire to actually live life. It’s essential that you always maintain a work – life balance. I treat my blog the same way – in and amongst these PR posts you’ll always find something lifestyle related.

As a child growing up, eating dinner at home was never a question. It’s sort of a family ritual. I know it played a huge role in shaping my love for staying home, cooking a classic meal, and enjoying the little moments life has to offer. Furthermore, we have a chef in the family. Yes, my brother made the spectacular decision to pursue the art of cooking. With the plate as his canvas, and food as his paint, my brother can turn even the simplest of ingredients into an elaborate entrée. The only thing more frustrating to a chef than dealing with a sister who is celiac, is dealing with a sister who is constantly reminding him about what he can’t add to his recipes.

With a family who loves to cook, it wasn’t surprising that I’d end up being a foodie of some sort. Even with a gluten-free lifestyle, I still manage to find joy in uncovering the latest restaurants, and knowing the go-to cafés. To top it all off, NYC has some of the best places to eat, drink & be merry. Below are a few of my finds! I didn’t have a choice but to add Chipotle! As a newbie to the chain, I’m already hooked.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Make your gourmet burrito or taco however big you want. Warning: you won’t be leaving here hungry! I opt for the rice bowl, and I’ve yet to leave the establishment without going home with two meals worth of leftovers.


Golosi Pizza & Gelato

You know that one person that always needs to end a meal on a sweet note? I’m that girl. I don’t care what I’ve had for dinner my favorite part will always be dessert. If you haven’t scored a scoop of Golosi’s gelato, I highly recommend it. I went for the mint chocolate chip, but I know I’ll be returning to try the Nutella flavor!


La Maison Du Macaron

I’ve yet to make it to Ladurée on Madison, but I know that visit will be close in my future. Craving a macaron since my arrival, I dipped into this petit café for my caffeine and French confectionery fix. I promise you, you will return. There’s no better way to get your mix of flavors than to bring a friend and divide them in half! We selected Banana Nutella, Vanilla Coconut, Double Chocolate, and Lavender Nougat. I’m a chocolate fanatic, so it took the win this round! If you’re looking to indulge in a Parisian chic afternoon, nestled in a quaint baroque-themed shop, this is your place!


Have any restaurant recommendations? Sound off below or tweet me @Sam__Dickson! 

- S.