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What am I going to do next? It’s okay not to know.

image-81“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.” – Donna Karan

The defining question. The one that secretly haunts you as graduation looms around the
corner. “What am I going to do with my life?” An endless amount of rhetorical questions start running through your head: Should I take a year off? Maybe get a job and give myself some time to think about what it is I truly want to do. Or, should I apply to various programs and just see if I even get in? Although these questions are daunting, you are not alone. At some point in time, there was another soon-to-be graduate standing exactly in your shoes. A year ago, I know I was one of them.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t the end of the world. (I know, easier said than done.) Although it’s tough when other students around you have their lives so-called “figured out”, it’s okay to be unsure or undecided. The last thing you need is undue stress. I chose to write this article to help other students who are going through this hectic time. As the last
semester of your college/university career begins, emotions are running high. Ultimately, change is imminent. I can remember feeling worried that as May and June approached, I’d still be left stuck with no direction, and having missed numerous application deadlines.

The best advice I can give to you is to really start thinking about where you are, and where you’ve come from. My biggest challenge was the fact that I was so unsure of a direction. I was graduating with a degree in politics, but didn’t want to pursue politics. In all honesty, all I could do was make a “strengths and weaknesses” list. I wrote down what I loved to do, and what I didn’t love to do. I realized how far I’d come with my writing and my blog – an obvious strength. I recognized I didn’t want to be caught up in a classroom for hours, something I added to my “do not want” pile. I wanted a more hands-on approach to learning.

When I had conjured up my list, I realized that I was really digging into finding out what I really enjoyed doing. All of the connections I had made led me back to my public relations internship experience. As crazy as it sounds, this list is what helped me to figure out my next move.
Eventually, I applied for my masters in public relations, got accepted, and moved to New York.
Looking back, the road to discovering my next move certainly wasn’t easy. Soon enough you WILL take the logical next step. It might not be today, tomorrow, or even next week. Be patient, and take some time to reflect on what’s best for you. Things will eventually fall into place, and when they do, you will realize that all the worrying was for nothing. Stay passionate and
motivated, but most of all, stay true to yourself!

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Staying Motivated: Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom


It’s that time of year again! Students everywhere are nestled in the books for midterm season, and the holiday hustle and bustle is just around the corner. Of course, in order to make it to the holidays we all have a lot of work to do, and some of us just might be working throughout them too! If your job is anything like PR, you never know when you’ll be called in for duty! Especially in crisis management, communication specialists have to be on the clock 24/7, ready to respond into action whenever needed.

For some of us the workload is piling high, while others might be getting into crunch time for year-end deadlines. It’s always important to keep in mind that life carries on past work and school. I thought it would be helpful to share with everyone motivating messages to help us stay on track as the season gets busier. I’ve also included some of the gorgeous scenery I’ve captured in the big city over the last few weeks.


  • One of my favorite quotes of all-time. I’ve always said from the get-go that I want to make sure I end up in a career that makes me happy. I’ve seen too many people fall in and out of love with their careers, ultimately compromising their happiness. Make sure you’re doing something that makes you happy.


  • Remember that you can separate career and home life. It is important to have balance between the two. Maintaining the first point, find a job that can complement your life instead of compromising your life.



  • If you aren’t satisfied in your career choice, be daring enough to change it. Too often we get caught up in what feels natural and safe. Sometimes it’s good to step outside the box and take a risk. You never know when you might be rewarded for the chances you take.


  • Search for something that makes you happy, and when you stumble across it, pursue it. So much can be learned from finding joy in the little things. If you happen to find something that makes you happy, take the leap to explore it further!

What words do you live by?

- S.