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Thinking Outside the Circle


“It’s unlikely that you’ll create something scarce without doing something risky to get there.” – Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

“It’s not enough to be good, we need to be different.” – Becca, Pitch Perfect

It’s Monday morning, and the start of another workweek, which means people are searching for a little bit of inspiration to help them get through the day. This post intends to do just that – foster up some Monday morning motivation.

One of the difficulties I faced in launching this website was deciding on a name. It wasn’t that I was afraid to take the leap, or that I wasn’t confident in my abilities. After four blog name changes and three different platforms, I was certainly ready to put the work into the blogging side of things.

My indecisiveness came from the belief that it wasn’t going to be creative enough. More specifically, I didn’t want to brand myself around a name I didn’t feel connected to – let alone the connection I needed to make with my readers. I knew if I marketed myself around a blog name that didn’t have meaning, I’d quickly lose interest in creating its content.

So, in an effort to help anyone out there searching for the inspiration to jump-start a new idea, whether it be a blog, novel, or product, you have to start with patience. In order for you to begin creating something, you need to have a plan. Ultimately, planning comes over time and with time you need patience.

Secondly, you need to believe that you are capable of thinking outside the circle. Leave behind the part where you need to think outside “the box.” Sometimes we are afraid to break the barriers of being different, out of fear that difference will ostracize us from what is viewed as being “normal.” Break away from the norm. Make the box a circle, and go beyond it. Even better… have faith in the fact that you are capable of moving beyond it, even if it means failing.

When it comes to making decisions in our careers, we risk finding out our true potential by holding back on things that could change an industry. The next time a question arises in the boardroom, take a minute to brainstorm a different answer, an unpredictable outcome or solution. It might be risky, but the reward can be high. The chance you take to pitch an innovative idea that doesn’t fit the usual protocol might just be the-next-big-thing.