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Social Media & the #GoldenGlobes


From trending #hashtags, to selfies, to live updates on red carpet couture, this year’s Golden Globes were no exception towards the social media craze. Everyone watching the red carpet event experienced just how influential social media can be for a night at the Globes. E! coverage even went as far as to predict potential trending hashtags prior to the beginning of the red
carpet, all pertaining to the fashion expected throughout the night.

So what makes the use of social media unique in this instance? In terms of the Golden Globes, capitalizing on the use of social media throughout the entire night not only gives great
opportunities for earned media, but also enables viewers at home to be apart of the night.
Influence inspires influence! Trending topics throughout the night helped to frame the best and worse dressed lists for fashion mavens across the blogosphere today. Not to mention the overuse of the Mani Cam. By being able to voice your opinion on not only the fashion, but also the coverage and award winners brings a new experience towards the show.

Furthermore, actors and actresses live tweeting throughout the event generates buzz and
anticipation that sometimes will foster more media coverage. This also includes how quickly events of the night can spread onto the worldwide web. Viewers took to twitter to voice their opinion on a pop-up bubble presented by E! which informed the year in which Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease – wrongfully labeled as a “Fun Fact.” This proves that earned media comes in the form of both negative and positive reviews. It is important to keep in mind that your viewership is a stakeholder, and can dramatically impact coverage by their share of voice online. Skipping over this distasteful wording is just the thing to spark controversy and negative coverage. While social media can be useful, it’s also beneficial to remember that the time-lapse is much shorter for correcting mistakes that may occur.

How else did you see social media being used? Join in on the conversation @Sam__Dickson!

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