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For the love of food: exploring NYC eateries


After last week’s post on PR in the hospitality industry, I wanted to do the perfect transitional post. I thought: what better way than telling you about my food adventures and discovering what “the south” has to offer this Canadian girl! I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I’m rounding this blog out. In other words, alongside my PR lifestyle, is my desire to actually live life. It’s essential that you always maintain a work – life balance. I treat my blog the same way – in and amongst these PR posts you’ll always find something lifestyle related.

As a child growing up, eating dinner at home was never a question. It’s sort of a family ritual. I know it played a huge role in shaping my love for staying home, cooking a classic meal, and enjoying the little moments life has to offer. Furthermore, we have a chef in the family. Yes, my brother made the spectacular decision to pursue the art of cooking. With the plate as his canvas, and food as his paint, my brother can turn even the simplest of ingredients into an elaborate entrée. The only thing more frustrating to a chef than dealing with a sister who is celiac, is dealing with a sister who is constantly reminding him about what he can’t add to his recipes.

With a family who loves to cook, it wasn’t surprising that I’d end up being a foodie of some sort. Even with a gluten-free lifestyle, I still manage to find joy in uncovering the latest restaurants, and knowing the go-to cafés. To top it all off, NYC has some of the best places to eat, drink & be merry. Below are a few of my finds! I didn’t have a choice but to add Chipotle! As a newbie to the chain, I’m already hooked.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Make your gourmet burrito or taco however big you want. Warning: you won’t be leaving here hungry! I opt for the rice bowl, and I’ve yet to leave the establishment without going home with two meals worth of leftovers.


Golosi Pizza & Gelato

You know that one person that always needs to end a meal on a sweet note? I’m that girl. I don’t care what I’ve had for dinner my favorite part will always be dessert. If you haven’t scored a scoop of Golosi’s gelato, I highly recommend it. I went for the mint chocolate chip, but I know I’ll be returning to try the Nutella flavor!


La Maison Du Macaron

I’ve yet to make it to Ladurée on Madison, but I know that visit will be close in my future. Craving a macaron since my arrival, I dipped into this petit café for my caffeine and French confectionery fix. I promise you, you will return. There’s no better way to get your mix of flavors than to bring a friend and divide them in half! We selected Banana Nutella, Vanilla Coconut, Double Chocolate, and Lavender Nougat. I’m a chocolate fanatic, so it took the win this round! If you’re looking to indulge in a Parisian chic afternoon, nestled in a quaint baroque-themed shop, this is your place!


Have any restaurant recommendations? Sound off below or tweet me @Sam__Dickson! 

- S.


Walking The High Line & Other NYC Attractions


After my first month of living in New York City, one thing is for sure: boredom is never an option. With a vast array of activities, sights to see, and new places to explore, I find the most difficult task is making a choice. This past Sunday was my first encounter with The High Line. If I wasn’t sold on New York City before, I am now.

The park is a perfect combination of modern and recycled architecture, built upon historic railroad tracks. As I was walking, I couldn’t help but admire the sense of unity between all the buildings, whether newly constructed or quaint with age. Although still in the city, the High Line provides the perfect contrast between concrete and nature. It was a great way to take a study break, and explore a piece of what this city has to offer.

image-41If you have a chance to visit NYC, I encourage everyone to take a trip to see the park. If you are living in the city, it is the perfect spot to escape the hustle of the streets. Here is a short list of other must-see sights in NYC, some of which I still need to see for myself!

  •        Central Park
  •        The Met Rooftop Garden
  •        MoMA  – Museum of Modern Art
  •        Empire State Building
  •        The High Line
  •        Top of the Rock Observation Deck – Rockefeller Plaza
  •        Times Square
  •        Ground Zero and 9/11 Memorial
  •        Broadway Show
  •        F.A.O. Schwarz
  •        Statue of Liberty
  •        Live Sporting Events: Yankees, Giants, Mets, Jets, Rangers
  •        Yankees game at Yankee Stadium/Giants game at MetLife Stadium
  •        Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  •        Staten Island and Coney Island

What else would you recommend? Sound off below or tweet me @Sam__Dickson!

- S.


Recap: surviving my first week in the big apple!


Friends with Benefits Scene
(after Dylan has been given the offer by GQ)
Dylan: Would you uproot your life for a job? Be honest.
Jamie: Well, no. For a job, probably not. But for New York? Yeah, I would. Which is why I’m not gonna try to sell you on the job. I’m gonna sell you on New York.
Dylan: It’s New York! I’ve seen Seinfeld.
Jamie: Not the bullshit tourist version.

Well, it’s official! I have survived my first full week in New York City. For those of you who haven’t been, I suggest boarding the next flight out here. Biased? Definitely. I’m not entirely sure if you can fall in love with a city, but in any case, I like what I see.

Since I’ve been here many people have been asking me questions on what it’s like and whether or not there is anything that has surprised me. Thus, the recap post! As a small-town girl who was raised in the country, there are certainly a few things that are different. However, with dreams of one day moving to a big city, it’s everything I thought it would be (and more)!

We all know Canada and the United States are neighbors, with numerous similarities. So, I wasn’t expecting anything to “shock me” per se. With that being said, there are some things I have learned in the short time that I’ve been here! (I took a less serious approach to this post, so be prepared to laugh!)

Two words: Peanut Butter. Now, don’t get ahead of yourselves. I have not been without PB all my life. However, there is no Kraft Peanut Butter here! I’ve heard through the grapevine that Canada adds more sugar in their PB brands, and let’s face it my sweet tooth would pick up on that. Skippy will suffice!

Witnessed my first musical subway performance. If any of you have seen Step Up 2, you’ll understand why I found this particularly amusing. Cue the 410. As I waited patiently for my stop, I (secretly) hoped this ensemble would turn into some kind of flash mob. Sadly, this did not happen. Perhaps I will have better luck in Times Square! Justin Timberlake, anyone?

Dogs are welcome, if not encouraged. In Canada, very rarely could you walk into the bank with your dog and walk up to the teller to get a dog treat. Yes, this happens! They are also equipped with bowls of water for your furry friends. In other words, customer service extends far beyond your own needs to ensure that Spike will want to return too!

It truly is “the city that never sleeps.” If you’re anything like me, you refuse to buy into these catch phrases until you’ve experienced things on your own time. Well, it’s true. Early morning, afternoon, midnight you name it, at least someone is walking the streets of NYC. You’re never really alone in a city like New York.

After a week in the big apple I’m sold – and no, not on the tourist version!

- S.