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Content Strategies: Creating Quality Material


“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
- Maya Angelou

It goes without saying that everyone loves an easy and enjoyable read. Connecting with your
audience is a pivotal part of brand building and engagement. One area of struggle individuals, companies, and/or organizations run into is creating good content. More specifically, there is
always difficulty in conjuring up new and refreshing content that makes your audience want to act on. Whether it’s an article for your company blog, or a Facebook post promoting a new
product line, being strategic about your material can help boost interaction. But, how?

First, it’s important to research and understand your audience. Sometimes companies can make the mistake of assuming they know who their audience is without really taking the time to look into the demographic breakdown. A simple error made in promoting aspects of a company is reaching out to individuals who aren’t necessarily your largest audience. Take time to create
surveys, focus groups, and scan your platforms to see what ages are interacting with your
services. If you understand your audience, messages and content can be tailored towards them.

As well, it’s important to monitor and track what content is drawing in the most engagement. When you first begin producing content, take note of which articles and posts get the most
interaction. If topics that focus on social media monitoring get more attention than say, topics on employee management, perhaps your audiences want more messages tailored towards
social media usage. Also, be sure to use your analytic tools and metrics. These are a valuable
resource for determining which posts get the most interaction from users.

Another suggestion is to think outside the box. This means producing content that is creative and fun. In order to encourage your audience to participate with your content, you need to make sure that its worthy of engagement. If your company isn’t the type to usually make videos, perhaps it’s time to vary up the method of content production. To measure what your audience engages with, you need to vary up the methods for producing the content. Sometimes the least expected methods draw the most interaction. Creativity also means changing things up. Maybe have guest posts, interviews or Q&A sessions with industry professionals. The goal of your
content is to give your audience more reasons for interacting with your brand.

What are some of your suggestions for creating good content?

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PR101: Honesty is the best policy.


#PR101: You never lie in PR. Lying in PR is like lying in a relationship, when the truth comes out, all trust is gone and it’s game over.

I’m back! I missed a few days of blogging, but I am about to tell you why, and I promise you it was worth it.

This week was the first week of my Masters! I am so incredibly thrilled to be learning more about Public Relations and Corporate Communications. When it comes to education, I believe that everyday holds a potential for learning. Whether you are talking with a classmate, professor, or your neighbor a few doors down, there is always something new to learn.

Now that I am back in the classroom, I feel productive and ready to practice those time management skills I’m forever talking about. Reflecting back on this past week, I learned an incredible amount of information. From managing media relations, to new social media tactics, and critical business skills, it reminded me of why I’m pursuing PR. It’s always good to find fresh inspiration in your life!

Thinking about what I wanted to post about first was tough. However, it came down to a repeated theme. Ethics, Ethics, and more Ethics. This should not come as a surprise to any PR Practitioner. The PR industry is all about ethical behavior, and understanding the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. More specifically, it’s about the difference between telling the truth and not telling the truth.

In an effort to keep these blog posts consistent in nature, my plan is to post about recurring themes in my studies. As well as the occasional interview feature, beauty, or travel post! This week my classes all narrowed in on one valuable PR101 lesson. You never lie in PR. Lying in PR is like lying in a relationship, when the truth comes out, all trust is gone and it’s game over. As a PR professional, it is important to remember the industry is all about reputation management. When it comes down to managing a reputation, the last thing you want to do is destroy a company/individual as a result of a lie. Furthermore, all trust gained from media contacts will now be gone, and your chance as a reputable PR professional ruined.

Now, it’s on to week two! I’m excited to share more stories, and every day musings with everyone. Later this week I’ll recount my first trip to The High Line, and my delicious encounter with Chipotle!

Until then!