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Trust: A Meaningful Five-Letter Word.


Trust takes years to buildseconds to break, and forever to repair.” – Anonymous 


The Oxford Dictionary defines trust as:

[The] “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. “

Whether it’s business or personal relations, trust is a five-letter word that holds a lot of
meaning. It’s the essence through which we build sustainable relationships and it’s the way in which we formulate countless decisions.

Trust is our ability to navigate safely through the decision-making process. When we ask
questions like: “Can I trust this person?” or “I have to trust that whatever is meant to be, will be,” we are mentally processing the reliability of the circumstance.

We use trust as a way to make choices that may not always have a definitive answer. Trusting your intuition, trusting the gut feeling you have.

For any individual, regardless of your industry, formulating relations is about building trust. It’s about understanding that the series of events, and the logical outcome of a situation, is built upon the strength in its foundation.

This means that as professionals in the workplace, we must work hard to gain trust in order to impact the outcome. In managing important relationships, we must create a sense of trust that what we provide is valuable and worthy of a continued interaction.

It is this sense of trust that builds a successful business. Without it, the future of a business is in limbo because trust offers a sense of stability to an organization.  It’s the idea that there exists enough faith in the desired outcome to progress the business forward.

Once trust is gone, it can never be fully restored.

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New Year, New Opportunities


Keep your head in the clouds and your hands on the keyboard.” – Marissa Meyer

Earth to Sam… Are you there? Hello?

Yes, I’m back!

After a brief hiatus, I have returned. To all my readers, I’m SO sorry it took this long.
Let me explain.

In September of 2014, I began the journey into my final semester of my Masters at New York University, which meant a few things. First, since I fast-tracked my degree I would have a heavier semester than most. The semester would be spent writing my thesis, fulfilling a practicum placement and on top of those two (which are considered a full semester),
I would be completing two additional courses needed in order to graduate –
Crisis Communication and Reputation Management. In case you’re wondering, I survived.

The months of hiatus were spent researching, planning, and building big projects. I conducted my thesis research on reputation management and branding initiatives using digital platforms in the airline industry. A mouthful – I know. The end result was to produce a best practices guide for airline companies in using digital platforms and how this corresponds to proving a return on investment. It was a daunting task at first, but the guide proved to be a valuable resource in an industry faced with innumerable complications – especially with communication.

On the other end of the spectrum, my practicum was to work alongside the New York Knicks to develop an integrated marketing plan that could be implemented as a means of promoting and building their current efforts. It was an incredible experience understanding the realm of sports public relations and the strategic ways they go about communicating with fans.

So, what now? Well, as many of my readers know, I am originally from Toronto but relocated to New York to complete my Masters. Now that they’re over, I’m hoping to stay in the city (fingers crossed!) and find a job. I’m currently doing all that’s related to the job hunt!
Resumes, cover letters, and of course networking!

It’s a new year for new opportunities. I’m excited to see what this year has in store.

I’ll be back later this week with some more posts!

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What Twitter’s “Buy Now” Feature Means for the PR Pro

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On Monday, Twitter announced the roll-out of its new “Buy Now” feature to a select number of users. The feature, which displays a “Buy” button on designated tweets, is being introduced to users who currently have the mobile app. Twitter says that this new feature is intended to give users a more streamline interaction with their favorite brands, making purchasing from that brand more accessible.

So, what impact will this feature have on the role of a PR professional? As the world of
e-commerce continues to expand, with an increasing amount of human spending happening on the web, this new feature is a logical next step for Twitter. The feature allows for companies to
tailor tweets to their target audience, and either publish as a regular tweet or a promoted tweet.

For the PR professional, we are tasked with proving ROI to our clients, and demonstrating the value our communication services have in building a strong brand identity and a loyal following. This new feature gives PR professionals additional leverage on proving conversion rates, where social media can directly link to a transaction made by a follower.

The “buy” button will allow a seamless integration of e-commerce into our work, provided the message stays consistent with brand identity and doesn’t interrupt the natural flow of the feed. This means that for some PR professionals, wearing multiple hats will become more apparent. In other words, understanding how to successfully manage reputation, community building, while working towards contributing to the bottom-line will become inherent in the social media portion of our jobs.

As this feature continues to be rolled out to more users, the challenge will be to make the flow seem uninterrupted, and not appear to force the user into making a purchasing decision.
Furthermore, Twitter has the task of ensuring that privacy information won’t be compromised — a challenge that may be the biggest concern to users who are contemplating storing their personal credit information on the app.

What are your thoughts on the “buy now” button?

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