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Trust: A Meaningful Five-Letter Word.


Trust takes years to buildseconds to break, and forever to repair.” – Anonymous 


The Oxford Dictionary defines trust as:

[The] “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. “

Whether it’s business or personal relations, trust is a five-letter word that holds a lot of
meaning. It’s the essence through which we build sustainable relationships and it’s the way in which we formulate countless decisions.

Trust is our ability to navigate safely through the decision-making process. When we ask
questions like: “Can I trust this person?” or “I have to trust that whatever is meant to be, will be,” we are mentally processing the reliability of the circumstance.

We use trust as a way to make choices that may not always have a definitive answer. Trusting your intuition, trusting the gut feeling you have.

For any individual, regardless of your industry, formulating relations is about building trust. It’s about understanding that the series of events, and the logical outcome of a situation, is built upon the strength in its foundation.

This means that as professionals in the workplace, we must work hard to gain trust in order to impact the outcome. In managing important relationships, we must create a sense of trust that what we provide is valuable and worthy of a continued interaction.

It is this sense of trust that builds a successful business. Without it, the future of a business is in limbo because trust offers a sense of stability to an organization.  It’s the idea that there exists enough faith in the desired outcome to progress the business forward.

Once trust is gone, it can never be fully restored.

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