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The Value of Blogging in Communications


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.” - Anaïs Nin

Chances are if you’re in public relations, the thought of starting a blog has crossed your mind.
More than likely, your communication classes have either required the task, or suggested it. If you’ve started one, but have fallen behind, keep reading. Even if you aren’t in PR, I’ll make a case on why you should consider the leap.


It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, a digital strategist, or an avid baker, blogging is a great
opportunity to add experience to your resume. It enables you the opportunity to create
a brand for yourself. For those of you asking, a brand is a way to uniquely represent yourself
to the world. When you walk into a job interview, you’ve not only had a chance to improve your writing skills, you also have experience developing creative content and a narrative around yourself.

Online Portfolio.

Everyone loves a hardcopy portfolio. However, in the age of technology it is much quicker to type in a URL and have all of it right in front of you. Another perk to having a blog is the chance to build your landscape of content (photography, writing, social/digital media). There are so many skills that come from its development and continuation. Not only are you showing
commitment towards something you do outside of your job, you’re also showcasing your ability to construct new ideas.

Networking Opportunities.

It takes time to build your blog, and its followers. You have to establish yourself as credible, trustworthy and devoted to your readers. If you set a standard number of posts per week, live up to that expectation. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to share your ideas to an online network. When you have established a regular reader base, this becomes a network of valuable people who believe in what you have to say. You’ve become someone they rely on for
new information. It is with this reader base that you have developed connections in
different industries.

These are just a few of the reasons that make blogging essential for every communicator. (And we all communicate!) It is a great tool for everyone to learn. It doesn’t matter what you blog about, as long as you are passionate about the topic. It is through blogging that you can brand yourself as a thought leader, and an influencer in an industry. You have the power to share your ideas.

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