The Networking Side to Social Networking


Whether you’re an avid user of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the one thing these social networking sites have in common is their ability to help you make connections. Bloggers, businesses and beings of all ages flock to these sites to communicate with friends/colleagues and to share their daily reveries. Although many of us use social networking sites to connect with friends, sometimes it goes unnoticed how valuable these tools are for building our network. Also known as, the networking side to social networking.

I’m partial to Twitter for my own reasons, mainly because I find it extremely user-friendly and great for personal branding. The other thing I love about Twitter is its ability to offer suggestions for other connections. Ultimately, it facilitates interactions between individuals who work in the same industry, expanding your network. The PR industry is a tight-knit community with professionals who love to communicate with each other. It can be seen through Twitter that PR girls and guys love to interact and share their experiences – as well as to introduce! The networking side to Twitter is evident through Twitter Chat participation, replies and sharing useful information that appeals to our followers.

To get the most out of Twitter, as well as other social networking sites, it is important to recognize the way through which they can open doors. People you meet over twitter have an endless amount of information. Followers can supply you with the knowledge of who’s hiring, social events happening in your area, as well as opportunities to contribute to other blogs. If you are smart about how to use these sites to your advantage, they can offer you an extensive network. The social part comes from using the platform, whereas the networking side comes as a result of making connections through the use of the platform.

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